Our Process

Learn About Our Unique "Four Walls" Approach.

Our Four Walls Planning Process

Every BluePrint client deserves access to personalized financial planning.

The BluePrint Four Walls Planning Process is an easy-to-understand yet thorough analysis of your unique financial situation, which culminates in the creation of your own financial plan, or BluePrint. Each BluePrint rests on a strong foundation of analysis and presents our recommendations in four distinct walls:

  • Investment Selection & Management
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

Our team will work with you to help you understand how the various components of your plan fit together. As part of that educational process, we’ll explore elements of behavioral finance, an emerging field of study that attempts to explain why people make decisions that are sometimes financially harmful. When you’re armed with this knowledge, it may be easier for you to avoid making similarly damaging mistakes.

You can access our Four Walls Planning Process by retaining BluePrint Wealth Alliance to provide a comprehensive, one-time plan, or ongoing advice and wealth management services

Wall #1

Tax & Income Planning

Let’s get real. It’s not how much you have, but how much you get to keep that matters. What good is making 7%, 8%, or even 9% returns if you end up giving most of it away in taxes?

The second Wall focuses on evaluating strategies that may reduce your tax burden, both now and in the future. Our team includes CPAs and other professionals who can:

  • Analyze your tax returns, investments, and other information to see what changes might help you to lower your tax bill today, and to insulate you from potentially costly future tax-law changes.
  • Help optimize your Social Security or pension plan benefits and make sure that you and your family are adequately funded to handle future spending needs in retirement.

Our team can work hand-in-hand with your existing tax professionals to ensure your needs are being addressed on the same page. Don’t have a tax professional? We have internal resources to help you, or our team can offer you some recommendations from our professional network.

Wall #2

Investment Selection & Management

Want unlimited growth potential, a guaranteed return of your principal, and access to your money whenever you want it?

Of course, you do! Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately, finding an investment that gives you all three is difficult, if not impossible.

  • Through careful planning and research, our team can help you arrive at the optimal balance of these goals to construct the second Wall of your BluePrint.
  • Our team employs the latest investment and financial planning technologies to model, analyze, and design portfolio recommendations that are unbiased, evidence-based, cost-conscious, and unique to each of our relationships.

Wall #3

Risk Management & Asset Protection

“Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” Whether an unexpected illness or accident, an untimely death, a hurricane or flood, a wealth-zapping lawsuit, or something else altogether, there are plenty of risks that can turn even the best of financial situations on its head.

  • Our team will poke and prod your financial foundation to uncover cracks and gaps that may threaten the integrity of your overall BluePrint.
  • Any potential weaknesses uncovered are brought to your attention and evaluated, so that you understand how you and your family could be affected.
  • Our team also will explore solutions and alternatives with you to help reduce or eliminate their potential risks to your plan.

Wall #4

Estate & Legacy Planning

Just about everyone needs some level of estate planning. It isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy… and it’s not just about money.

  • The BluePrint team can help you create a plan that will pass the assets you want, to the people and organizations you want, as efficiently as possible.
  • We’ll also help you plan for other sensitive end-of-life concerns, such as planning for incapacity, helping you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various ways of titling your assets, and selecting the right executor(s) and trustee(s) to help see your plans through fruition.

Oftentimes, this element of your BluePrint will require the support of an attorney. Our team is happy to work with your existing estate planning team, if you have one, or to recommend one from our network of professional contacts.

Tying it all together

Finally, our team will help you understand how the various components of your plan work together. We will also explore critical elements of behavioral finance, an emerging field of study which helps to understand why people make certain financial decisions, often to their own detriment. Armed with this knowledge, it is easier to help avoid making similar damaging mistakes.