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Victim of a Data Breach? Time is of the essence.

Time is of the essence, whether your personal data has been compromised as part of a larger targeted cyber-attack, or you are the victim of an individual cyber-crime. You’ll need to take immediate action to minimize the impacts. These are steps you should take within specified time-frames after discovering your data has been breached.

Equifax Hack- What Should I Do?

By now you’ve almost certainly heard the news of the massive Equifax hack and data breach. We know you probably have a lot of questions, so we wanted to provide some guidance during this confusing time. It’s probably best to assume that you are one of the roughly 143 million Americans impacted by this incident. Due to the somewhat unique nature of Equifax’s business, there’s a good chance they have some of your data, even if you’ve never given it to them directly.